Immediate  Joining For Perfect Electronics EEE,ECE,MECH In Chennai

Immediate Joining For Perfect Electronics EEE,ECE,MECH In Chennai


Across all types of industry, quality engineers are at work monitoring, testing and inspecting products to make sure they meet specified standards. Quality engineers test products to determine how long they will last, what part may break down first and how to improve product durability. They inspect product materials, mechanics and electrical systems.

Materials quality engineers verify product dimensions, color, texture and strength and locate imperfections. Mechanical quality engineers check levels of liquids and gasses, verify that parts move correctly and test the proper fit of components. Electrical quality engineers check the flow of electricity and ensure the proper operation of equipment and machinery.

Quality engineers may work in laboratory settings running tests and duplicating real-world conditions. They use tools such as micrometers, calipers, gauges, volt meters, ammeters, and ohmmeters, as well as electronic inspection equipment like coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), to aid them in their work. The quality engineer also designs systems by which production quality can be checked in an ongoing process. In addition, quality engineers typically work with the production team to implement any new testing criteria or assembly methods they may have developed.


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