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Chip Level Training in Ahmedabad Ahmedabad

  • Location: Maninagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
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Syllabus includes

Basic Electronics, Chip level Practice, Desktop Motherboard: VRM Circuit, Ram supply circuit, clock generator circuit, ROM circuit, Input output controller circuit, 5V stand by circuit, PS on circuit, north bridge supply circuit, south bridge supply circuit, Finding address/data/clock/reset signal using CRO Machine, Diagnostic Card and Multi meter etc. VRM Circuit Fault Finding, Shorting in VRM Circuit. Desktop Motherboard Circuit Diagram Details, BIOS Programming by Universal BIOS Programmer.


Assembling /dissembling of laptop, laptop parts detail, laptop display unit, vrm circuit, volt in circuit, ram supply circuit, step down circuit, battery charging circuit, i/o controller circuit, north bridge supply circuit, south bridge supply circuit, USB supply circuit, audio amplifier circuit etc. Volt in circuit diagram details, power section of laptop motherboard, Schematic diagram training, how to understand laptop schematic diagram, Laptop Driver Download, how to use BGA Machine, Chip Reballing, operation of CRO, Logic Meter, DC Supply machine, smd tester, cpu socket tester.

Contact No: 8866077280

Address: 7th floor Satayam Tower, Opp. Railway Station Mananinager, Ahmedabad 380028.

Website: http://www.service199rs.com

Email Id: [email protected]

Extra Details

Mobile No: 8866077280
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